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[PHOTOS}: Mensa Otabil’s name pops up as owner of an exquisite $850,000 Virginia mansion

Mensa Otabil’s deluded followers stand up proud and defend him as perfectly legitimate questions are asked about his role in the Capital Bank collapse and the subsequent chopping of Ghana’s Ghc 610m.

Otabil, who prides himself on hating mediocrity – as Manasseh so chronically claimed – and being the one who is the vessel through which all heavenly wisdom flows, could not muster any defence against his malfeasance but to hide behind ‘God is good’.

Yet somehow, his backers still think his hands are totally clean.

As many have pointed out, Otabil puts up a facade of being different from other preachers but dig a little deeper and the ruse is exposed.

He owns numerous properties in the United States all built on the back of his huge megachurch and the money they rake in from his gullible followers, who are constantly chasing him for their breakthrough in life whilst he and his family enjoy all the breakthroughs.

Now, we’ve even learned some of Ghana’s money is part of the ‘chopping’ pot for Mensa.

The preacher’s name is back in the news after some intercepted documents showed him and his wife as the owners of a plush Virginia mansion in the United States of America.

The ICGC founder owns the mansion together with Joy, his wife, at 15315 Mountain Crest Cr Haymarket, VA.

The property is reportedly valued at an estimated $850,000, and is rented out.

Clearly, Otabil is a ‘man of the people’ and not an accomplished conman like Obinim and his ilk.

A word of advice to the IStandWith’ crowd — cry for your country — rather than Otabil whose family would never know the pain of being turned away due to the lack of a hospital bed.


Source: ghanacelebrities.com

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