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Philippine International Bank Embraces GLU: King Oyanka’s Royal Currency Paves Way for Global Reset



In a groundbreaking move, the Philippine International Bank has officially accepted GLU, King Oyanka’s traditional royal currency. This decision follows discussions with Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka (King Oyanka) and their new diplomatic liaison, Asafoatse Nii Adama Djata, who also serves as the Chief Business Financial Director of the Anamase Royal Kingdom and Alliance.

Barely a year ago on 2022-04-24, King Oyanka and Asafoaste Adama Djata made history by signing a deal with the VP of Enercor and Vanguard Energy, the second-largest company in the world. This deal included the authorization of carbon credits equivalent to half a billion barrels of oil sands carbon credits. Furthermore, it saw the President of Exxon partnering with VP of Enercor and Vanguard Energy, acquiring King Oyanka Traditional Royal Bank Notes (GLU NOTE) worth a staggering $12 million. These notes also introduced the creation of a new company called Giggaton, complete with a blockchain-based coin.

Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka, a King and Traditional Ruler under the Tunnmma Royal Dynasty of Abola Piam GA State and Anamase Royal Kingdom of Akyem Bosome Traditional Area, achieved a historic milestone by designing his own Royal Traditional currency.

These notes were officially filed and approved by the American Superior Court on September 29, 2021.

The “GLU” or “Gold Land Unit” note was created on the Bitcoin and Counterparty Blockchains and received approval from both the Abola Piam and Anamase Royal Councils on June 26, 2021. King Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka, with the support of his appointed Chief of Business Development, Noryaa Manste Adama Djata, has been working diligently to explore alternative funding opportunities within the cryptocurrency and Forex international sectors.

The GLU, representing one square meter of gold land in Ghana, holds great value. With the current price of gold at $59.09 per gram, one GLU note is equivalent to $354.54. This currency conversion system, including GLU and G-Zion, lays the foundation for the global reset into a united sacred and traditional currency system.

The move by the Philippine International Bank to accept GLU marks a significant step toward this global reset, opening doors for these traditional currencies to gain worldwide recognition and exchangeability within the UBECU global banking system.

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