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People who move into farming in Ghana are with poor mindsets – Ken Agyepong

Kennedy Agyapong says in Ghana farming does not bring money and it is only those who pray to be poor that venture into it.

“When you wake up in the morning and you pray that God let me be poor, then you go into farming,” he told Joy News.

He explained that whenever he hears people who are supposed to do something better for their lives say they are going into farming, he just laughs.

The Assin Central legislator said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration is always paying lip service to farming while telling the youth to go into farming. He vowed to not attempt farming again.

“I challenge the government; what are the inputs for you to go into farming? They are just talking. I’ve been there and I’m telling you, if I go to university, I will not go into farming. Hell no!” Ken Agyapong said.

He continued: “If you make money in Accra and you tell me you are going to farm…I failed at farming not because of my management but because of litigation”.

The MP further cautioned businessmen and women not to establish businesses in the villages because folks in the village are clever in terms of thievery.

“The moment you establish the business in that village, they think you are stupid. The villagers…you think you are going to create jobs for them [but they think] you are stupid,” he said.

“They will mess you up,” he stressed.

Ken Agyapong spoke about how his fish pond was haphazardly operated, including other businesses, all of which discouraged him about setting up businesses in the villages.

He believes that “any person who wants to be serious in life” should leave the village for a bigger town or city “and start hustling”.

The MP challenged his host: “If you are serious, I will invite you [to] my village to come and work there”.


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