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People are justified to say Kurt is running “friend and cronies” FA -Ameenu Shardow



Newly appointed team manager of the black stars Ameenu Shardow says people may be right to criticise Kurt Okraku for running Friends and cronnies FA but the fact remains those people are competent for those roles. 

Kurt Okraku has come under a barrage of criticisms for running an FA with only his friends since he assumed office in 2019.

But speaking on Untoldstories TV GH, Ameenu Shardow who until his appointment as black stars team manager was the administrative manager of Dreams FC, insists those criticisms could not be out of order, but they should also take into consideration that Kurt Okraku cannot work with incompetent people hence his decision to appoint those he believe and trust can do the job effectively.

“I won’t fault people for criticising because it’s normal ”

“But the only thing I will look out for is  the person you are talking about is he competent enough to do the job or not”

“If he or she can do it well fine but if he can’t do it then they have solid ground to criticise “.

“I have worked with Kurt for so many years at Dreams FC and he knew my capabilities but in all these sometimes you need the grace of God and favour from men to achieve great things in this life because trust me I might not be the only competent  person to do that job” he added

Watch the full interview below

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