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Paul Kagame blasts the West for criticism of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup hosting

Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda

Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda has criticized the west over their bastardization of Qatar for the hosting of 2022 World Cup.

In a video posted on his Facebook page on December 8, 2022, Paul Kagame called out the West for putting a negative spin on Qatar’s hosting of the tournament.

Paul Kagame objected that the West was not being respectful of the culture and values of the Qatar people.

According to him, the posture of the West smacks of discrimination and bitterness as the West are trying to say that the hosting of a tournament like the World Cup should be the preserve of certain countries.

“I’m glad that Qatar did not have to respond in word but instead let the facts speak for themselves. After all, there is nowhere in the world without fault. This is an example of an orchestrated campaign to put a country like Qatar back in the inferior place it is supposed to occupy, according to them. In this globalized world, we need to be respectful of each other’s culture and beliefs. Yet many of us consistently experience similar treatment.

“The real subtext of these criticisms, is that only certain countries and people, deserve the honour of hosting events of such global importance. Ironically, the more you achieve, the more important it becomes to remind you that you are not equal,” Kagame stressed.

He is not the only high-profile person who was unhappy with the constant bashing of Qatar by the West.

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino and former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger are some global sporting personalities who condemned the western media for their reportage on the World Cup.

English journalist, Piers Morgan took on some British and American media organizations for running an agenda against Qatar.

In an editorial on his Piers Morgan Uncensored program, the controversial journalist said that both America and Brittain lacked the moral right to question Qatar.

Meanwhile, FIFA has described the 2022 World Cup as the best ever in its history. According to Gianni Infantino, a report by the technical committee on the tournament showed that no previous tournament recorded as impressive numbers as Qatar 2022.

In a thrilling final played on Sunday, December 18, 2022, Argentina beat France 4-2 on penalties after the game ended 3-3 in extra time.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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