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Paul Dogboe breaks silence on allegations of sleeping with mother, two daughters



Paul Dogboe in an interview with Dornu’s Corner, accused a certain prophet of being behind what he views to be fake news which was part of plans to destroy his marriage and relationship with Isaac Dogboe.

He lamented that the said man of God has also been spreading falsehood about him owing some residents of Anyako certain amounts of money.

“When you trust and they mess you up and they make people believe other things …. Even in my own village, I go out of that village clean, helping the village people so much so that I went back to England having nothing. When I came back I had people going around saying that I owed people from the village.

“They go around using my name to extort money from people. They were saying that I’ve slept with a mother and her two daughters. Can you imagine? This is just to mess me up. This is the kind of stuff that a man God says about me.

“If God talks to you, you should know that what you are saying is not true. It’s so bad. The lies you can tell to destroy somebody and his wife and kids,” he said.

Paul Dogboe in the same interview implored his son to settle some debts he owed certain investors who contributed to his success in the sport.

“One of the fights, against Cesar Juarez, we had tickets that we obtained on credit for $40,000 from Islam, who usually provides us with complimentary tickets. I owed Jerere $5000, and I paid him. I settled with Patrick as well, so there were small debts that I managed to clear. The only outstanding petty debt is $6,000 owed to Cephas,” Paul Dogboe revealed.

Paul continued, recounting the conversation he had with his son when Isaac informed him that he no longer wanted him to manage his career. “I said, ‘Okay, I have given you my blessing, but remember there are debts.’ I sent him a text listing all the debts, and he called John Marfo, promising to settle them. So, how is it that he then approached Uncle Mitch for a $70,000 loan?”

Paul Dogboe expressed his disappointment, stating, “There was a time he said he would send me money, but I told him I didn’t need it; he should pay off the debts instead. He gave me a thumbs-up, so I thought my son was being responsible and clearing his debts.”

A former British military officer, Paul revealed that he sometimes regrets leaving his well-paid job to devote himself to his son’s boxing career. He further revealed that individuals he had brought in to assist with his son’s training spread falsehoods and encouraged Isaac Dogboe to distance himself from his father.

“You are surrounded by people whom I introduced you to, yet they harbored ill intentions towards me while I had nothing but good intentions for you. I sacrificed my lucrative job to support you,” Paul expressed with a tinge of regret.

Paul Dogboe disclosed that his life has taken a downward spiral, resulting in the sale of his house in England following his divorce from Isaac’s mother. The proceeds, he says were used to secure another property with a new mortgage.

“I sold my house recently because I divorced my wife and we split the money and I put the money in another mortgage,” he stated.


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