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Outcome of Achimota SHS rasta student saga should be an eye-opener – Wutah Kobby



Not too long ago, news went viral that the boy who was almost denied admission to Achimota SHS because of his dreadlocks is now part of their National Science and Maths Quiz(NMSQ) team.

Commenting on the issue in an interview with Amansan Krakye, Wutah Kobby said,

“I don’t know the reason why they think that because the boy is in dreadlocks so he can’t be admitted and today look at him being the shinning star in their science and maths quiz.

“This should be an eye opener for the other schools that think they have stringent rules which are unchangeable to reconsider some of these things,” he added on Property FM in Cape Coast.”

According to the singer, people should be judged based on their deeds and actions but not by their looks.

He also described the stigma attached to such persons as totally uncalled for.

“I think that stigmatization has been there for a long time, but people should be recognized for their deeds, not their looks,” he opined as observed.

“Doing wrong is not based on looks but rather an attitude that any ordinary person can do so it’s about time people should observe before concluding.

“Make a final conclusion about people you want to associate with, not a quick conclusion by the looks of that person having dreadlocks,” he concluded.



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