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Our husbands and girlfriends are unable to to perform due to the current economy



Several Kumasi women who spoke with Kessben FM’s Mallam Yaya particularly stressed the adverse effect of the uncompleted road network on their sexual engagements with their husbands and boyfriends.

According to the residents, the construction of the road from Mankranso has been left abandoned over the last few months leaving them in very uncomfortable living conditions.

They said there have been so many calls to the authorities to get the contractor back to work but all have proved futile.

Due to the current state of the road, vehicles using the road have been splashing dust on the residents in the townships.

The residents have had to forcibly construct speed ramps on the road to lessen the splashing dust.

Several spoke to Mallam Yaya and stressed that their husbands/Boyfriends have been complaining that their underperformance in bed recently is a result of the fact that they are not feeling well due to the influx of dust.



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