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ORC to strike out names of 2,812 churches, CSOs for not filing annual returns



A statement signed by Mrs Jemima Mamaa Oware, Registrar Of Companies said the “exercise will also affect Charity Organizations, Foundations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) including Foreign NGO’s, and entities incorporated under Companies Limited by Guarantee.

All Companies Limited by Guarantee that are currently in default can still be in good standing by filing their Annual Returns and Financial Statements in accordance with the Companies Act 2019 (Act 992), before the end of April 2023.

Out of the earlier published list of 2,989 of these entities in default, only 116 have filed their Annual Returns together with their Financial Statements in other to be in good standing”

“The Public is being informed that from 30th June, 2023, the ORC would, for the very first time, be fully implementing section 126 (7) of the Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992) which states that: ‘where a Company defaults in complying with the filing of Annual Returns and Financial Statements, the Company and every officer of the Company that is in default is liable to pay to the Registrar, an administrative Penalty of Twenty-Five (25) penalty units for each day during which the default continues,” the statement added.

“This means that an administrative penalty of GHc300.00 (currently GHc12.00 per penalty unit) would be charged for each day the default continues against these Companies and every Official of the Company in accordance with section 126 (7) of Act 992. The Office by this notice is urging Secretaries and Auditors of these defaulted entities to prepare all necessary documents to file their Annual Returns on time, to avoid paying this Administrative Penalty and sanctions and thereby push their Company into a state of inactivity,” the statement said

The ORC reminded the public “that under no circumstance should any Company Official make any Mobile Money (Momo) transfer to any ‘Momo’ account in the name of the Office of the Registrar of Companies or Registrar-General’s Department. The Office does not operate or have a ‘Momo’ Account nor has the Office authorized any person to act on its behalf on striking off Companies in default. Please be vigilant against Fraudster calls, text and WhatsApp messages demanding such ‘Momo’ transfers”

The statement urged the public to visit the offices of ORC or its various social media handles for further information.



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