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Okudzeto Ablakwa Reveals 3 Sources of Funding for His Philanthropies



Member of Parliament for North Tongu Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has revealed three sources of the funds he uses to undertake his work at MP.

Several persons have criticized the MP over his source of wealth. They say the work output and his earnings as a lawmaker don’t match.

The MP has however disclosed three places he makes his money to support the philanthropy he undertakes.

According to Okudzeto Ablakwa, his first source of funding is MP’s Common Fund.

The Second is his own personal contribution and the third is what he described as a network of donors who periodically assist the MP.

The NDC MP was forced to make the disclosure after the receiver of a philanthropic gesture, Dr. Kofi Effah, questioned the MP how he came by his resources to purchase an SUV for him as a gift.

Dr Kofi Effah who is the head of the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre (CCPTC) of the Catholic Hospital in Battor, Volta Region found the answers by the MP as unsatisfactory. The Medical Doctor hencw requested to consult his family before taking a decision.

The Medical Doctor’s probing question allegedly infuriated Mr. Ablakwa who withdrew the offer. chronicles 3 times questions about the source of wealth of the MP has caused controversy.

Last year, late presidential Staffer Abugri Emmanuel posed a public question to the North Tongu MP to explain how he managed to amass wealth from using a rickety old Golf that had to be pushed to work.

The Presidential staffer said Hon. Ablakwa now has 3 speedboats in his 6 bedroom Juapong residence alone after entering politics with the green Golf that required pushing.

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“The politics of a graduate without any working experience who now has 3 speed boats packed in his 6 bedroom mansion in Juapong because he is an MP, telling a man who started sitting in airplanes before he (Ablakwa)  was born as someone who is insensitive?” Abugri asked.

Ablakwa, we remember your green Golf 2 paaa. We used to push it for you.” He added.

Salary or Common Fund



Another Activist of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on social media is alleged that he suspects the North Tongu MP is corrupt judging from the initiatives he is rolling out in his constituency which is far above his salary or Common Fund allocation.

The NPP’s Kabenlah Muah was reacting to the launch of the furniture and footwear bank by the NDC MP who has twice been voted MP of the year by a local radio station for his various initiatives outside government funding.



But Mr. Muah who is suspicious of the MP says Mr. Ablakwa is a perfect definition of a “corrupt” politician because the NDC lawmaker has not “worked” publicly or privately before joining politics asking the MP to disclose his source of money.

“Where did he get the money from? He has not worked publicly or privately before joining politics. This defines who a corrupt politician is.”

Overnight achievers

Controversial Lawyer, Maurice Ampaw also said some ‘babies in diapers’ have in a short period become ‘millionaires’ – something they would have struggled to achieve if they did not venture into politics.

According to him, politics in Ghana has become the fastest way for just any ordinary person to become rich.

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Lawyer Ampaw argued that the acquisition of wealth among some young politicians in the country is alarming – he, however, called on the office of the Special Prosecutor (SP) to investigate them to save the public purse.

“We know them, you don’t need lawyer Ampaw to mention names. Their quest to be MPs and acquisition of properties is mind-blowing. They are overnight achievers; they have not suffered enough.”

we saw the lavish wedding by Okudzeto Ablakwa in this country. Where did he get the money from as a university graduate with no working experience?”

“I have known Okudzeto Ablakwa from years back. He couldn’t even afford to pay for his car maintenance. He was nobody but when he entered politics, things changed drastically. As I speak, his new mansion in his hometown is more than a palace,” he claimed.


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