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Odehyieba Priscilla’s mother speaks about how her husband painfully abandoned them



Odehyieba Priscilla's mother narrating her ordeal in an interview

Mother of gospel singer Odehyieba Priscilla has recounted how her ex-husband abandoned them when she turned just one year old.

Touching on her painful ordeal, she disclosed that Priscilla’s father divorced her for another woman and has since failed to assume his fatherly duties.

Priscilla’s mother who disclosed this in an interview with GhPageTV, also stated how her ex-husband recently showed up after sixteen years to demand the whereabouts of her daughter who is now a star.

She said the sense of entitlement displayed by her ex-husband at that moment triggered her to ask him to ‘back off’.

“Her father left us when she was only one year old. He deserted us from that time until recently when he heard his daughter is now a star,” the mother said.

“About a month ago, he called to ask about his daughter’s whereabouts. This got me really pissed and I told him to back off. When he asked of his daughter after all these years, I told him I had used her for rituals so he should back off. I asked him to go sleep by his wife so I can also sleep alone in peace,” she added.

Earlier, Odehyieba Priscilla during her interview with Delay disclosed that she had set eyes on her father only twice in her lifetime.

“The first time I saw my dad was when I was launching my music at 12 years old and he came despite not being invited. I was actually surprised to see him and I was shocked he knew that I was launching my song.

“We couldn’t talk during the event so he came home and after a heated misunderstanding with my mum, he left. I know he stays at Pankrono but I don’t know where exactly. I have seen my father just twice,” she sadly stated.

In spite of the neglect, Odehyieba is still poised on searching and bonding with her ‘long lost’ father.

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