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NPP Columbus Chapter secretary, John Bart Addo marries his found love Esther Konamah on January 27, 2024



In the heart of Jesus Power Assemblies of God, the love story of John Bart Addo and Esther Appiah Konamah unfolds like a timeless melody. Their eyes met in the sacred space of devotion,where John’s role as the

church usher intertwined with Esther’s dedication as a temple keeper.

As if guided by destiny, the tapestry of their love began weaving itself through shared moments of service and quiet glances exchanged during worship. Their commitment to both faith and each other deepened over the years, leading them to the sacred vows of marriage.

On January 27, 2024, at the enchanting address of Jesus Power Assemblies of God Church; 5250 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43231, John and Esther will embark on a new chapter of their journey. Bound by love and a shared sense of purpose, their union symbolizes the timeless truth, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from God.”

May their wedding day resonate with the echoes of their beautiful connection, a celebration of the love they’ve nurtured. May their marriage be a canvas painted with joy, prosperity, and the myriad blessings that life unfolds. Here’s to John and Esther, as they step into a future illuminated by boundless love and unwavering companionship.


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