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Nigerian actor calls out Ghanaian ‘Tik Toker’ for ‘stealing’ photoshoot concept



He made this known on his Instagram page earlier today where he called out the Tiktoker, stating that though he finds it funny considering it wasn’t his sweat to create the concept, his photographer who came up with the concept and gifted him the idea for his 40th was livid.

While Uti considers it normal for people to draw out inspiration from other people’s work, the actor stated that the Ghanaian Tiktoker and his team should have reached out to his creative team, or simply acknowledged the true creator of the concept.

He went ahead to state that better needs to be done in the creative space, stating that first before others can respect us, we need to respect ourselves.

Uti concluded his rage with making mockery of Wesley’s photoshoot, revealing it isn’t as neat and good as his— making jest of the Ghana’s way of speaking ‘come’, Uti wrote ‘kam’

Check out the post below:



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