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Nigeria consulate in South Africa suffers power cut over US$23,000 debt



The Nigerian consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa, had their power supply cut after it emerged that they owed the utility provider to the tune of 400,000 rand ($23,000).

The power cut happened on Wednesday (January 18) but was restored same day after officials arranged to pay a deposit of US$7,000.

The consul-general also promised that the balance of the outstanding account will be settled by the end of January.

The BBC reports that consulate staff refused City Power (power provider) officials access to the property but supply was cut from the power grid remotely.

The disconnection drive was necessitated by massive power indebtedness with local media reporting that the utility is owed $232m in unpaid accounts overall.

South Africa is currently suffering a power crisis that forced President Cyril Ramaphosa to abandon participation at the just ended World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.




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