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Niger coup: Invading Niger with military is archiac – ECOWAS told



ECOWAS is to hold a meeting in Accra, Ghana from August 17 to 18, 2023 to discuss a possible intervention to restore democracy in Niger following the July 26 coup in the country. The ECOWAS leaders also have plans to deploy a “standby force” to ensure normality in Niger.

However, a press statement issued on Monday, 14 August, titled “GLOSARGG’s caution to the ECOWAS leaders vis-a-vis the coup in Niger” and signed by the Executive Secretary of the organisation outlined some words of caution and advice to ECOWAS leaders.

The statement seen by GhanaWeb noted that “(GLOSARGG) wishes to caution the leaders of ECOWAS to cease with immediate effect from their unpopular, mayhem-prone and conflict escalating decision to invade the already volatile Niger with military troops, following the July 25 coup”

It continued, “To militarize Niger to resolve the current impasse, is very archaic, hence must be disregarded in conflict resolution and peacebuilding during these contemporary times”

The statement further jabbed some ECOWAS leaders of undemocratic leadership, saying, “It is an open secret that the leaders and the “masked-autocrats” of the Economic Community of West-African States (ECOWAS) have woefully failed in their responsibilities to live up to expectation and admiration of its followers”

“They failed and continue to fail in all Human-centered Security issues, including, Politics, Economy, Education, Rule of Law, Human Rights and Freedom of Speech, Accountability, Free and Fair Elections, respect for their Constitution and employment”.

GLOSARGG is a year-three-year-old Ghana-based organisation in research on good governance and politics.

The organisation, therefore called on ECOWAS leaders to prioritise the following, to ensure good governance.

Stop protecting those who breach their constitutions, to stay in power till they die.

Tell their friends who passed through “constitutional” coup d’états to immediately vacate their posts to pave the way for fresh elections that epitomize good governance and democracy.

Any elected president for more than two terms must cease partaking in conferences on matters of coup makers. For, how could the pot call the kettle black? He who calls for equity must come with clean hands.

ECOWAS should stop the excessive corruption, looting, and embezzlement of their state funds to the detriment of the poor masses. For, these are strong factors that engender coups.

Finally, ECOWAS must be restructured: Preferably, competent but trustworthy leaders from the Academia and Religious Bodies who have the Sub-Region at heart to lead and not any masked-autocratic democrat-presidents nor power-drunk individuals.


Source: Albert Kuzor Gooddays, Contributor


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