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New York police release video of how five passengers beat Ghanaian taxi driver to death



The video shows the five passengers attacking the 52-year-old taxi driver

Gyimah Kutin died in Queens, New York – the United States, on Saturday after a group of passengers he picked up attempted to rob him.

The New York Police Department (NYPD), as part of efforts to identify the five suspects -two males and three females- released a video of the attack, which left Mr Kutin dead on a street walkway.

The graphic video shows the five passengers jumping at the 52-year-old at a go before one of the male accomplices landed a heavy blow which sent Kutin flying to the ground.

The taxi driver, according to reports, smashed his head against the ground and was rendered unconscious.

Police who responded to the scene later sent him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Portions of the released video show various CCTV footage of the suspects fleeing from the scene of the incident through a street and later walking through a hallway.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that three of the suspects, including two males aged 20, have turned themselves in.

They have been slapped with charges including manslaughter, gang assault and theft of services.


“Today, investigators arrested two 20-year-old males in connection to the murder of 54-year-old Kutin Gyimah in Queens. One male was charged with manslaughter, gang assault, assault, and theft of services, while the other male was charged with gang assault and theft of services,” the New York Police said in a Twitter post.

Watch the video Below:


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