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New Political Party joins 2024 race



The leadership of the new political party has noted that their prime objective is to rescue Ghanaians from the moment of despair and anxiety that has led to the crisis the country finds itself in.

According to the PRM, the 30 years of democratic governance spearheaded by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has disillusioned Ghanaians with the high levels of corruption, unemployment, insecurity, and dissipation of state resources and poverty that threaten the development of the Party, reports.

The leadership also noted that it has furnished the Electoral Commission of Ghana with all the essential documentation required to guarantee its certification and has been granted a provisional certificate to operate in the country.

The party’s motto is “Open Government for Real Development” with black, red, and white as its colors.

Speaking at a news conference in Accra, the interim general secretary of the People’s Redemption Movement (PRM), Edward Adade, highlighted the principles of the party and reiterated their resolve to salvage Ghanaians from hardship and embark on developmental projects.

“We believe that we shall gain nothing if we amass wealth in corruption, stealing, and dissipation of the nation’s wealth, but if we work in honesty and openness to protect the nation’s resources it would benefit the people of Ghana.

“Movement for the restoration of hope for a better society of peace, openness, justice, and selflessness to promote real development in Ghana,” quoted him as having said.

Edward Adade added that when the party is officially announced, the substantive executives will be revealed to the general public.

“We already have our interim executive, so after we have officially announced our existence, we will unveil our executives.

“In conformity with the established standards, our abbreviation is PRM but we prefer to be known to the public by the acronym alternative, PEREMO,” quoted him as having said.



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