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NDC-Canada congratulates newly elected national executives



NDC-Canada extends our heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you on your election as national executives at the just-ended national congress on December 17th, 2022. 
We want to applaud the entire NDC family for a highly successful and forward- looking congress. We are extremely elated and satisfied with the organization of the congress and the processes of electing the new executives to lead our great party for the next four years.
This is a significant accomplishment and a testament, once again, to how democratically different we are. The Umbrella family has spoken. It has spoken loudly that we are ready for the ‘fight’ ahead. Ahead in the 2024 elections and beyond through the election of well-tested and battle-ready leaders.
To all newly elected national leaders and officers, we say welcome and good luck on the road before you. We acknowledge that serving in these capacities will come with its challenges, primarily because of who we are up against.
Notwithstanding, we have complete confidence in your ability to rise to the occasion to make meaningful impacts within the party and, in the long run, in the lives of the Ghanaian people. We are counting on your continuous hard work, dedication, and commitment to NDC’s values and goals in bringing about the reformation promised. It is our hope that your campaign messages are put into action immediately knowing that the delegates convincedly voted base on those promises or campaign messages.
Members of the NDC-Canada Chapter assure you of our unflinching support and our preparedness to assist in any capacity, be it financial or skill sets, in the years ahead. We also take this opportunity to urge all aspirants who could not make it to earnestly rally under the big umbrella for victory in 2024. We always come together as one big family after every election and the just ended election won’t be different.
Also, as the outgoing and Charmain-elect have both touched on, unity is paramount in achieving our goal of returning and remaining in power in 2024 and beyond. Let the tradition of a united front continue in order to fulfil our theme for the congress: “RALLYING FOR VICTORY 2024.”
Again, congratulations to you all.
ƐYƐ ZU, ƐYƐ ZA 2024,
Our year of victory.
Together we can!!, Together we can do better!!
NDC-Canada Chapter Executives
Gameli Atakuma, Obed Adore, Dr. Wutor Victor, Hon. Gilbert Agyei, Aseye Johnson, Mavis Tekpeki, Ruby Abena Arkoh, Kwadwo Oduro and Eric Asempah
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