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‘My new man has raised the bar’ – Xandy Kamel jabs ex-husband



The popular socialite cum actress, who claims she is in a much better place with her ‘new man’ was captured in a viral video mocking her ex-husband.

Xandy Kamel, since her divorce, has been slamming her husband the least chance she gets.

Prior to her latest relationship, she has flaunted about two partners in a series of lovey-dovey posts on social media.

However, Xandy has described her latest partner, whom she referred to as Kwabena Acheampong, as the man who has really shown her what love truly means.

“Bra K, I greet you. Bra K is everything alright? Have you seen this man (shows a picture of her new partner) he has shown me a new level. He has shown me love. He has shown me what love really is. He has shown me that there are levels to this love. Bra K, it’s me Xandy, who you took for granted. It’s me, who you were ashamed of because of what people were saying. Ghanaians said I talk too much; I insult a lot and that’s why you left me.

“Oh, don’t you remember me? Xandy the one you cheated. This man has done me well. Kwabena Acheampong, I hail you, but if you also break my heart, we will descend in the gutters together,” she averred in a video making rounds online.

However, a section of Ghanaians are against Xandy’s post and have labeled it as totally unnecessary.

According to them, her incessant habit of calling out her ex-husband proves she isn’t as happy as she claims or hasn’t even moved on.


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