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My health condition disturbs me – Ghana’s tallest man



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Sulemana Abdul Samed, the tallest man in Ghana, has bemoaned his poor health condition while holding a world title.

Sulemana, who goes by the nickname ‘Awuche’ was diagnosed with gigantism when he was 22 years old. During his monthly checkup at a local hospital in the Northern Region of Ghana, he was measured at 9ft 6in, which is 1ft away from the world’s tallest man.

According to Samed, he would have been happier if he was in good health while being the world’s tallest man.

“It disturbs me a lot when I think that ‘Awuche’ is the tallest man in the country or in the world and then you get to a point where he is not feeling well, I don’t feel happy about it, if my wound was not to be there, I would have been happy with it because someone tall like this should have been fit,” he said.

In an interview with Citi News, Sulemana revealed that he has been experiencing some challenges especially because his mobile money business, which was his livelihood, had collapsed.

He added that due to his height, it has been difficult for him to find his clothing size on the open market.

“If I’m going to buy a clothing material, sometimes I buy 12 yards for a dress and the tailor will call me that, that’s not enough so I have to buy additional two yards to support it,” he added.

Sulemana is battling with chronic wounds with a bandage tied to his left leg. There is also a visible wound on the right leg plus other health conditions.



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