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‘My electricity bill has jumped from GH¢20,000 to over GH¢200,000’ – Businessman ‘confronts’ Bawumia in Kumasi



With Ghana gearing up for a crucial general election in less than five months, voters have been voicing their demands to the two main political parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The state of the Ghanaian economy is a top concern for many voters, especially the business community which is struggling with the depreciation of the cedi, high taxes, and utility costs, among other challenges.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the flagbearer for the New Patriotic Party, recently toured the Ashanti Region as part of his campaign and engaged with members of the business community.

During his visit, a businessman who owns a mineral water production company raised concerns with Dr Bawumia about the exorbitant cost of utilities, which he believes is making it difficult to sustain his business.

The businessman revealed that his electricity bill at his factory has surged from GH¢20,000 to over GH¢200,000, significantly impacting his profits.

“We need a government that supports business growth. I am in the mineral water production business. Since 2016, the machines I purchased have been failing me. Dr. Bawumia, the electricity bills I am currently paying have become unbearable. I used to pay around GH¢20,000, but now I have to pay about GH¢200,000 just for electricity,” he expressed in the local Twi dialect.

“By the time I finish production, all my money will have gone towards electricity bills. I urge you to support businesses in the Ashanti region if you become president,” the businessman pleaded.

On December 7, 2024, Ghanaians will head to the polls to elect a new president and members of parliament for the next four years.

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