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MUST WATCH: My stepmother once left me to die – Abandoned pregnant woman narrates (Video)

Abandoned by her family in a forest, 26-year-old Martha Ama Appiah says her stepmother once watched on as she struggled in a pile of burning firewood after suffering an epileptic seizure.

Martha who lives in a forest somewhere in Akoti says but for the timely arrival of her father, she would have died that day.

Narrating her ordeal to Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Kofi TV, Martha says she was boiling some water to prepare food for herself when she had the seizure and fell on the boiling water.

Her stepmother who was home at the time refused to help her and as such, she had to lie among the burning firewood until her father who had gone out returned.

“I was boiling water to prepare some gari to eat when I felt dizzy and fell into the fire. My stepmother who used to stay here with my dad was around but refused to help me saying I will keep lying there till my father returns,” she said.

She added that she lied there till her father returned and took her to Adinkrom for medical care.

The unfortunate incident has left Martha with a huge scar on her left arm.

Martha has been living in the forest alone after her father relocated with his wife and their other children.

Even though she once moved to live with them, she was sent packing by her stepmother shortly after.

Martha who is 7-months pregnant says anytime something goes wrong in her family, she is apportioned the blame as everyone believes she is a witch.


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