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Musah Toloba: Championing Community Transformation Through Sports and Entrepreneurship



In Accra, Musah Toloba, born in 1986, grew from a sports-loving child into a visionary entrepreneur with a deep commitment to his community. His journey began at Kotobabi 13 Junior Secondary School, instilled with values by his parents.

Musah’s passion for sports led to the creation of Toloba Sports Consult, a platform dedicated to nurturing sporting talent and revolutionizing sports infrastructure.

Beyond sports, Musah founded the Toloba Group of Companies, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. His ventures, including Eventful Travel and Ticketing, the Islamic Center for Guidance, Cooperate Sports Ghana Limited, and Belle Hills Real Estate and Construction Ltd, addressed various community needs. These endeavors reflected his vision to leave a lasting impact on the community.

Musah was not just an entrepreneur but also a community builder, actively engaging in organizing sports events and programs. He was a philanthropist, consistently supporting underprivileged individuals, particularly in sports. Musah’s journey embodies a story of entrepreneurship, community, and the enduring spirit of giving back.

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