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Mother slashes 5-year-old boy’s fingers for stealing fish



A 5-year-old boy is on the verge of losing three of his fingers after his uncle’s wife, a breastfeeding mother inflicted knife wounds on him at Wisiwisi in the Kwahu West Municipality of the Eastern Region.

According to an Angel FM report, the lactating mother reportedly found the boy, Akwasi Alex Ofosu, trying to steal fish from a soup.

An eyewitness said the victim had recently lost his mother and was staying with his uncle and his wife.

The report added that the Akwasi was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

“Yesterday around 6:30, I heard Kwasi crying loudly, so I asked Sister Ama to enquire why he was crying and what had occurred, she replied that she had slashed off his fingers for stealing fish from her soup.
“I followed up by asking her if she had used a knife or a blade, to which she replied, ‘knife’ So I remarked, Sister Ama, you’re wicked. I then called the boy and along with another tenant gave him first aid,” a neighbour recounted.

“What I saw yesterday is that the woman chopped the boy’s fingers with a knife. One of my sisters was braiding her hair at the place and she heard the youngster crying so she asked him to come.
“Even though the aunt tried to stop him from coming, the sister insisted and when the boy arrived, we saw that three of his fingers had been cut,” another witness added.



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