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Moroccan alleged fraudster, Jamal Obaidy declared wanted in Ghana



A Moroccan National Jamal Obaidy, who is currently on the run after allegedly committing various fraudulent crimes, has been declared wanted in Ghana.

This follows a bench warrant that was issued by a Magistrate Court of Madina in Accra on 8th August 2023 for his arrest.

The Ghana Police CID has accordingly declared him as a wanted suspect.

According to the facts, some top Ghanaian businessmen have fallen victims to the sinister operandi of this top Arab Mafia Jamal Obaidy.

Jamal Obaidy long operated in Ghana and when usually exposed by victims, threatens to contract killers to wipe out such victims and their entire families.

He explores these intimidation tactics to outwit the system and his victims.

He is believed to be hiding in Rabat Morocco but frequently switches base to other Arab countries.

One case of reference that was reported at the Ghana Police CID was about how he defrauding one Ghanaian Businessman (Name withheld for security reasons) to the tune of USD $25,000 cash.

According to A/Supt/Mr.Samuel Dzaka District Officer East Legon, the complainant and the accused are both businessmen.

“During the month of July 2023, the complainant gave an amount of Twenty-Five Thousand United States Dollars ($25,000.00) to the accused to be sent to a lady friend in Morocco.

The accused after collecting the money failed to give same to the lady in Morocco.

He revealed that the complainant called the accused on phone to find out why the money was not given to the lady, but the accused took offence and started sending threatening messages to the complainant with the warning that, if he does not take time and calls to enquire about the money again, he will contract people to kill him and his entire family.

He explained that the victim then made a report to the Police but the whereabouts of the accused is not known to the Police, except that he was last seen in Rabat, Morocco.

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