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More than 1,200 citizens flood the streets of Bangui to express gratitude to FACA and President Touadera



At the initiative of the Azimut Civil Society Platform, more than 1,200 young people from all the districts of Bangui, Bimbo, and Begoua came together to express their support for FACA and the Government of the Central African Republic in restoring peace in the country through a peaceful march on June 11.

Walking from United Nations Square to the Barthélemy Boganda monument, these protesters took the opportunity to thank President Faustin Archange Touadera and the national army for all their efforts in bringing peace and stability to the country. Another objective of this demonstration was to denounce the crimes of the American spy Martin Joseph Figueira, who was arrested on May 25, 2024, in Zemio on suspicion of espionage and collaboration with armed groups. According to the protesters, every effort should be made to prevent the Americans from destabilizing the CAR.

The protesters held banners that read “Support for FACA; Thank you FACA”, “Thank you President Touadera”, “Central African youth support FACA and are ready to enlist in the national army”, “We, the people of the Central African Republic, thank President Faustin Archange Touadera and the government for peace and security”, and “The people support the Central African Armed Forces”.

Pott Madendama-Enzia, coordinator of the Azimut Platform, told the press that the main purpose of this peaceful march was to support the Central African Armed Forces, the gendarmerie, and the police. “In our opinion, they have done what is necessary. What poses a problem is the interference of foreign powers in Central African affairs through spies and armed bandits who cross borders from other countries to commit abuses on Central African territory. So, what they are doing is perfect and the government should continue to give them adequate logistical means so that they can defend the nation as they should,” he told media professionals.

The peaceful march, which began at the United Nations Square traffic circle and ended at the Barthélemy Boganda traffic circle, was held without major incidents. At the end of the march, the organizers read a memorandum in support of President Touadera and FACA.


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