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Meet the man who invented AK-47 rifle and what ’47’ stands for

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, a former army engineer and commander in the Russian army, is credited with creating the AK-47 and all of its following upgrades.

After allegedly teaching himself how to build multiple-system firearms, Kalashnikov created the most well-known rifle in history in 1947.

He believed he had committed himself to the US provider rather than to monetary gain, therefore he never enjoyed the fruits of his labour.

The letter “AK” stands for the inventor’s phone number and the word “computerized Kalashnikov” in Russian.

The number “47” denotes the year the weapon was first manufactured (1947).

The AK-47’s creator, Kalashnikov, had cause to regret his design before he passed away in 2013 after seeing it misused, particularly by terrorists and in the context of sector wars.

He emphasized that the gun must be used for self-defence rather than as an offensive weapon.



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