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Meet the ‘Ghanaian Consul’ who helped the ‘Accra to London’ travellers in Mauritania, en route to London



The 10,000 kilometres’ journey which took them 13 days saw them plying numerous countries from Africa through Europe and finally to their final destination, London.

This was not just a remarkable achievement but also, a historic feat since the news broke out.

Social media went wild when midway through their journey the team finally announced via their social media platforms that they had made it to their final destination.

Just like any other travel would have it, it didn’t come easy for these Team of Ghanaians on their trip.

No major disaster was recorded but as protocols would demand, they encountered a few difficulties in Mauritania.

However, a patriotic diplomat, His Excellency Felix Hator, came through for them.

His Excellency Felix Hator, Ghana’s Consul to Mauritania showed the team tremendous hospitality when they entered into the country (Mauritania).

Not only did he come to their ‘rescue’ but he showed extreme care and support for Team Wanderlust.

He also added a letter of support from his outfit to the High Office of Mauritania that allowed his fellow Ghanaian Citizens to use Nouakchott as a route to continue their journey into Europe and finally into the UK.


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