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Meet Ghanaian inventor who manufactured own Wrangler car from scratch



He travelled to Accra to unveil the astonishing invention which he calls Buffalo, showcasing his exceptional engineering skills.

“I have come to Accra to showcase a car I have manufactured. I have named it Buffalo. I made it purposely for farmers, beach operators and also for touring. This car is a very strong car. I designed it just like an animal,” he said.

Sylvester’s journey into engineering and innovation extends beyond his automotive invention. He has a vision to share his knowledge and skills with the youth who aspire to learn about technology and engineering.

He emphasized the need for support and investment from leaders in Ghana to enable him to mentor and guide others in this field.

“I am not only into cars, but I also manufacture a whole lot of machinery and I want to show it to leaders in this country to come in and assist me so I can teach others, especially the youth who want to learn.

“So, I am calling for investors. This is what all my strength can achieve. I don’t have any plants; I just have my welding machine,” he stated.

While discussing the creation of the ‘Buffalo’ wrangler, Sylvester who says he’s a welder by profession, revealed that he built the vehicle entirely from scratch.

He acknowledged the need for technical expertise and collaboration, mentioning that he sought the assistance of a mechanic to refine certain aspects of the vehicle’s performance.

“I built everything from scratch, from the design, fixed the body the engine. I am not a mechanic but after fixing the body, I called a mechanic to come and assist me. After, I decided to try it on the road. In doing so, I realized that I had to pay attention to the alignment which costs a lot of money.

“I have invested the little savings I have into manufacturing this car. So, I am calling on the leaders in this country…with the little push it will help us all of us,” he added.

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