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McDan explains how 98% of the 1,200 women he gave interest-free loans to have paid back



Founder and Chairman of the McDan Group of Companies, Dr. Daniel Mckorley, has explained how 98% of the 1200 women he gave interest-free loans to have paid back.

Speaking at the 2024 Women in Business Dialogue, McDan said he recently carried out an experiment and he realised that women are very honest.

According to him, that is the reason he decided to support over 1200 women with interest-free loans.

“We all have a part to play when it comes to women entrepreneurship. I did an experiment which I am going to carry across the country very soon. I saw the honesty of women; women are very honest. I have been able to give 1200 women interest-free loan to build their businesses.

“About 98% of the women came back to pay, and it surprised me and if you look at the businesses they are into, that’s what we call the economic growth.”

McDan further advised Ghanaians to respect the businesses of these women, which he believes are the ones holding the nation.

“The things that we don’t respect, the thing that builds our nation, the backbone of our nation and that is what they were doing and we must respect women. I’m not standing here because I’m standing here for women, I’m doing it, I’m supporting women,” he said.

Watch McDan’s video below:




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