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Man stabs friend to death over cigarette – Report



The incident is said to have occurred at Santa Maria Washing Bay in Accra on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

The deceased whose name was only given as Joe popularly known as Al-Qaeda and his friend also known as Bhim had gone to buy two pieces of King Size cigarettes when a disagreement ensued between them.

According to blogger Sika Official, “Al-Qaeda bought two sticks of King size cigarette and Bhim claimed ownership of one. This led to a quarrel of ownership where Al-Qaeda got stabbed with a pair of scissors and his consequent death for refusing to give Bhim one stick of cigarette.”

The report is corroborated by a resident, Shawn P who spoke to Adom News.

“We rushed to separate the fight only to realise Qaeda was holding a knife and Bhim was holding scissors and they stabbed each other,” he narrated.

The resident said Al-Qaeda was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital having sustained multiple stab wounds.

In a video of the incident shared by Sika Official, the deceased was captured lying in a prone position with blood all over his body.

A female resident is heard saying “he’s dying” while another shouted in a distressed tone saying “I told you to stop when you were going at it.”

Watch the videos below:



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