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Lydia Forson bashed for offering support to Shatta Wale following rape allegation



Lydia Forson, who has been unapologetic about her stance on feminism and rape, has been deemed to have exhibited double standards as far as Shatta Wale’s rape allegation was concerned.

Shatta Wale in his back and forth with Burna Boy alluded to the fact that he once forcibly had sex with a lady in his apartment as a payback.

He concurred to an earlier allegation by Burna Boy where he was described as a rapist. The SM President did not shy away from the fact that he once raped a lady.

On the back of that, Lydia Forson came out to state that she had reached out to Shatta Wale and spoken to him about his stance on the report post he made.

She added that although she was not agreeing to what Shatta Wale might have done, she found it quite formal to reach out to him instated of, as she does, bash him.

The move by Lydia Forson has angered many who felt the actress failed in holding onto what she used to defend with all her spirit. Many felt Lydia Forson decided to treat Shatta Wale with kid’s gloves due to her relationship with him.

Why did you not bash Shatta Wale for accepting that he once raped a lady? That has been the unanswered question many have been asking Lydia Forson who has thoughtfully deleted the initial post.

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