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LilWin begs Otumfuo to destool more chiefs to bring sanity



Speaking on Angel Fm in an interview with Ike the Unpredictable, LilWin pleaded with the Asantehene to destool more of them as some are said to bringing about confusion in the communities they serve.

“I have seen our overlord, Otumfuo, destooling some chiefs. I think it is long overdue. They create confusion, you sit on a prestigious Asante stool yet you sell a parcel of land to one person and again sell it to another person after the first person has paid you,” he claimed

According to him, the activities of these chiefs tarnish the image of the Otumfuo.

“When they do that it affects Otumfuo and people begin to call his name. So, as he has started this, I know the chief of my hometown is nearing destoolment.

He personally requested that the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II check the Chief of his hometown Boaman because he smells some rot in his dealings.



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