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Liberian delegation visits DVLA to understudy Ghana’s road safety strategies



According to the Liberia’s Deputy Minister for Land and Rail Transport, J. Darious Kollie, DVLA has the requisite skills and technologies to learn from as the move was evident in the service delivery of DVLA at various centres.

He also said his country was poised to maintain a strong bilateral relationship with Ghana.

“We hope to share and gain knowledge on your operations which we believe we can practice in our country because currently our five-year plan on road safety have some commonalities with Ghana’s plan and we hope our visit will give us better outcomes,” Mr Kollie stated.

The Chief Executive Officer of DVLA, Kwasi Agyeman Busia, in response said his outfit pursued a transformation agenda from being the most corrupt institution to the best with hard work and discipline.

He said the transformational agenda focused on “people, process and technology” to uphold good driving standards in the country.

Mr Busia said, “In 2017 when we took over, DVLA was labelled the most corrupt institution and as a management, we have worked to change that ill perception riding on the back of research and technology. We first set out to fix the people including our staff to make sure they have the right attitudes and working tools, building their capacity and welfare to work and deliver on the mandate then we gave priority to our clients to understand how we can meet their needs by improving our service delivery.”

Mr Busia said the digitalization of the operations of DVLA is laudable as they have come up with innovations like the new smart driver’s licence, review of testing, licence acquisition and renewal process, among others to aid their work.



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