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Lady Who Allegedly accused Thomas Partey of rape drops mind-blowing video & Chat Evidence, Netizens React



The deputy captain of the Black Stars of Ghana, Thomas Partey is back in the news again.

He is in the news again as the lady who accused him of rape has dropped some new mind-blowing pieces of evidence to buttress her claim that indeed the Arsenal star raped her.

These pieces of evidence were shared on the popular social media platform, Twitter. Read the post by the lady below;

“Thomas Partey is a serial rapist who has got lucky because the date he decided to rape me whilst we were on holiday together was 10 days before UK law changed allowing UK police forces jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the UK.

This means that the 2nd incident of rape that he commit against me outside the UK is now not eligible for charges. Not because he’s innocent, not because there isn’t enough evidence… but because I was raped 10 Days before the legislation that would’ve put him in prison changed

I don’t care about my identity being revealed anymore. Someone leaked a screenshot from my private story last year and off the back of that I’ve had the most vile, evil messages from people calling me a liar… we’ll see who’s a liar once I post screenshots of him admitting it.

This is the “innocent man” you arsenal fans were defending this video was recorded from my fronds phone after his agent threatened me and told me they would say I made fake videos and manipulated the screenshots.”


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