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Lady in rastaman couple video possessed with about 16 evil spirits – Husband’s mother speaks



Mother of the ‘viral pastor turned rastaman’ has made a disclosure pertaining to her son’s current situation.

She said her son, identified as Yaw Wiredu; was a decent and modest man of God until he met his current wife, Joyce.

In an interview with KofiTV, Yaw Wiredu’s mother said her son’s ‘blood boiled’ anytime he was being talked out of his relationship with his wife, who had since been a bad influence.

Yaw’s mother said it was the case that he even threatened to ‘wipe out’ anyone that stood in the way of being with the said lady, including her (his mother).

She said her son threatened to kill her if she made any further attempt to stop her.

“One day the lady came to the house at a time my son was embarking on fasting and prayers. She packed her bags and came. She was dressed like a clown, a cheap prostitute. She even brought drinks for my son and we were all not happy about it. My son’s other siblings warned him about the woman but he wouldn’t listen. After a while, when he kept on accepting gifts after gifts from the lady, we noticed that he had changed.

“I even told him that he was a man of God and people usually come to the house for consultation. What will they say if you had a woman in your room who isn’t your wife? He told me that if I don’t stop talking about the lady, he will shoot and kill me in spirit. He told me that he isn’t like his siblings who will let things slide and that he will kill me if I dare talk about his girl,” she stated.

Giving a vivid narration of events that led to his son’s current state, the woman said in spite of strict warnings following the revelation that the woman is possessed with about 16 evil spirits, he went ahead and married her.

Yaw Wiredu’s mother insists that Joyce had placed his son under an evil spell ever since she started showering him with numerous gifts.

“We were once regular members of some prayer meeting and that was where he even met his wife Joyce. The pastor even recognized that the lady isn’t a normal being. She was possessed with about 16 evil spirits. That was when I started to warn my son about her but he didn’t listen. At that time the lady buys some weird outfits for him to wear and other things. He was someone who fancied such stuff,” she added.


Recently, netizens have witnessed a couple who made waves with their lovey-dovey video on social media.

In the said video, the couple was spotted in thick unhealthy dread locs and clad in an underwear while smoking, dancing, and caressing each other.

The video has since raised brows online, with scores of netizens reacting to their bizarre and ‘malnourished’ physique on social media.

Some individuals have also insisted that the couple, perhaps, might be battling a mental disorder.

Other netizens have also alleged that they are under spiritual attack.

Watch the video below:


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