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Lady curses lover who traveled to US with her GH¢50,000; ditched, mocked her



The video shared on Twitter, shows the distraught woman cursing her partner while sitting in a rain and dragging her buttocks on the bare ground.

Amid the curses, she is heard expressing her sense of betrayal and vowing that her money would not be lost in vain.

According to accompanying details, the woman’s partner identified as James not only absconded with her GH¢50,000 but also went on to insult her in a video response when she demanded the return of her money upon his arrival in the United States.

In his video, he belittled the woman, questioning her financial status and mocking her attempts to curse him if he doesn’t return the said money, suggesting that her curses would have no effect beyond the sea.

“You are living in Ghana with that village life, stop fooling, Ghanaian ladies, they said, some foolish girl is saying I should bring her money else she will curse me to death, I am saying her curses can’t even cross the sea, it won’t go anywhere, Madam if you are hungry, stop fooling and go to that man that you use to take his money to buy Indomie for me when I was in Ghana,” he said.

However, in a rebuttal video, the woman expressed her anger at being deceived and abandoned. She labeled her partner as “ugly” and a “village boy,” emphasizing that she would not be taken for a fool.

She declared that her curses were necessary to find peace for her soul and to ensure that her GH¢50,000 will not go in vain, as she refused to be another victim of betrayal by someone she trusted.

“You have come for my money and after that, you have gone for another lady, do you think I’m a fool, your ugly self, you have done a video to insult me, don’t you have sense? Village boy.

“…for you James, if I hadn’t cursed you, my soul Ama wouldn’t have had peace, if you are mad, do you think I am part of the ladies that when someone takes their money to travel then they turn around to betray them? I am saying my GH¢ 50,000 won’t go in vain, never.”

In the background noise of the lady’s video, a commentator can be heard expressing outrage at the man’s behavior, stating that his actions were nonsensical and lacked decency.

“This is not about the lady being brave, she has to curse him, what the guy is doing is nonsense, we don’t live in this world and misbehave that way …you have taken a lady’s GH¢50, 000 and upon going abroad you are doing a video to insult her, he doesn’t have sense.”


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