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Kyiv forms Ukrainian-African Trade Mission



The former Soviet republic of Ukraine, despite its current war conditions perpetuated by neighboring Russia, has prioritized Africa in its foreign policy. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba was already undertaken two official tours of African countries. Ukraine has cordial working relations with the continental organization, the African Union.
An objective that has been set to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is to broaden Ukraine’s presence in Africa, Kuleba said. During the last Africa Day held on May 25, Kuleba strongly reiterated that Ukraine would engage, in a constructive directions, with Africa.
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba in an address on the occasion of Africa Day and the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Organization of African Unity has called for the reform of international organizations and for the African Union joining the permanent members of the G20 and the United Nations Security Council.
“Ukraine will step up its foreign policy on Africa aimed at a Ukrainian-African renaissance,” the minister said. “This year, we intend to open new embassies in different parts of Africa and plan to hold the first Ukraine-Africa summit,” the minister said.
He emphasized that Kiev “is open to discuss any peace initiatives, if they honor two principles: neither include territorial concessions, nor lead to a frozen conflict instead of peace. At the same time, “it is the Ukrainian peace plan that should be a foundation of any peace efforts.”
Following several discussions with a number Ukrainian authorities combined with media monitoring, Ukraine plans to open ten (10) diplomatic office in Africa. Long before that Ukraine is undoubtedly the main exporter of grains to Africa. As already known, Ukrainian grain exports forms part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative. Ukraine’s focus is to ensure food security in Africa.
Ukrainian government said it has approved the establishment of the Ukrainian-African Trade Mission Limited Liability Company, according to Taras Melnychuk, the government’s representative in the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada), on June 20.
The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, and the Ministry of Agriculture will be responsible for managing the state’s ownership of the company. The trade mission will operate on a permanent basis, aiming at safeguarding Ukraine’s economic interests in African countries. Additionally, it will provide advisory services to support the provision of humanitarian aid.
Ukraine set up state-owned Ukrainian-African Trade Mission LLC to represent Ukraine’s foreign trade interests in African states and to offer consultative services related to the provision of humanitarian aid. It will operate on a permanent basis and will be 100% owned by the state. The Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry has been appointed to manage the corporate rights. It is an initiative of the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry.


Source:|Kestér Kenn Klomegâh

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