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Kwaku Manu opens up about loneliness and divorce



In a video shared by YouTuber Hello Frank, he revealed that he has been dealing with backbiting, bad experiences in the movie industry, and the loss of friendships.

“For the past seven years, it has been me, my children, my family, and no friends. As we speak now, there is no one I can call a friend,” Manu expressed.

He explained that, due to negative experiences and betrayals, he has chosen to distance himself from others.

He now prefers to spend most of his time at home, focusing on his family and ensuring the well-being of his children.

The actor shared that he only steps out when work requires him to shoot skits or participate in interviews.

He emphasized the importance of his children in his life, stating, “In fact, my life would have been worse off after the divorce if I didn’t have my children with me. I forget about my worries when I see them. So I don’t joke with them at all.”

Reflecting on his marriage, Manu discussed the dissolution of his relationship with his wife, Okailey, two years ago.

Despite their efforts to make the marriage work, they had to go their separate ways. He acknowledged that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for a successful marriage and that every couple’s situation is unique.

“It is the wish of every married man to live happily ever after with the woman he loves, especially when they have children together,” Manu expressed.

He recognized that people are curious about the reasons behind the divorce but chose not to delve into specific details.

He simply stated, “I am single for now.”




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