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Kuwait bans the hiring of Ghanaian domestic workers

The Kuwaiti has banned the hiring of domestic workers from Ghana and 24 other African countries including Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Gambia among others.

This is according to a list issued by the Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Residency, Kuwaiti news outlet Mubasher reported.

In 2016, Kuwait’s Interior Ministry had reportedly announced the implementation of a minimum wage for domestic workers, including maids, private drivers, babysitters and cooks, set at KD 60 ($198.54) per month, MyNewsGH learnt.

The new ban was removed for workers coming in Kuwait from Eretria and Liberia, the report said but affects 25 other nations.

The ban also entails workers from Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Djibouti, Uganda and Kenya. Additionally, female workers from Senegal, Malawi, Chad, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Democratic Congo, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Niger, Ghana, and Burundi were also banned.

Kuwait continues to receive male workers only from Senegal and workers from Vietnam, Nepal and South Africa, according to the list.


There have been several incidences of abuse of domestic workers in the gulf state, especially against African nationals. Many African countries have frozen travel to the gulf.


Source: MyNewsGH.com

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