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Kayan Mata: How women use this spell medicine to tie down men



They are herbs, potions, aphrodisiacs, or oil and they have just one purpose – to enhance sex or enhance love.

It is a combination of two Hausa words – ‘Kayan’ which means; property, or things, and ‘Mata’ which means women. Put together, the word literally means ‘women’s things’.

It appears to have existed for centuries and originated from Northern Nigeria.

Originally, it was used by these women for sexual pleasure, and served as enhancers, or aphrodisiacs, especially for young brides, but in recent times, it has become a really huge trend for women all over the world.

In Ghana, the trend has become very prevalent and these products are even advertised via the internet and on various social media platforms.

Patrons of these products have diverse interests, to attract men for money, sex, marriage, etc.

What some may not know is how the Kayan Mata is used by its clients.

In a post on media personality – Naa Ashorkor’s Facebook page, she indicates how some women with in-depth knowledge about how people use the Kayan Matan for their ‘victims’ shared this with her on her show; ‘Just us’.

According to her, she picked some pointers which include the fact that the Kayan Mata products are in 3 categories; vaginal upgrade, faithfulness, and libido boosting, and the third; favour and attraction potions.

Users of the potion need to talk to the oil and indicate exactly what they want from it and it happens.

“In order to activate the potion, you simply talk to the oil. For instance – “oil, please let me attract rich men who can buy me a car”. When you go out, the men will literally be falling over themselves for you. They can’t help it,” she wrote.

She however indicated that some men who called into the show also shared how the male variation referred to as ‘For girls’ is used by some men for similar interests.

“Interestingly, when I activated the phone lines to ask ladies to share their experiences, only men called! Apparently, Kayan mata is a variation of “For girls’ and the men have interesting stories about the potency of this potion. Scary! One guy said his friend used it to get his wife to accept his marriage proposal. So this woman is currently under a spell. Apparently, a lot of married people are under spells they are not aware of,” Naa Ashorkor narrated.

Naa Ashorkor also shared stories of how some users of these products suffered side effects or had experiences which didn’t go in their favour.

In one instance, a woman who tried using it to attract men ended up attracting mad men. In another, a woman who tried using it on another man who already had activated the ‘For girls’ potion ended up dying.

“A lady who bought and used attraction potion now attracts only “mad men” literally, in traffic, they approach her and try to touch her, they literally chase her around town, sometimes more than one at a time. When she complained to the vendor she bought it from, she told her to go to Benin to see the original seller. There is no other way to undo this charm,” she shared.


“The side effects are dire. Sometimes you cannot break away from this spell or spirit even if you want to. My guest shared a story about a girl who used it on a man, the man apparently had more potent potions which killed her. She is dead oo”.

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