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Kafui Danku was dressed like a ghetto superhero – Charlie Dior



Kafui Danku was captured in a long nude colour dress, paired with a brown fabric rolled into a belt.

She paired the look with a white long cloak and a pair of stilettos.

Although people complimented the style on social media, Charlie Dior thinks otherwise.

He condemned the outfit while likening it to the ones usually worn by superheroes in fictional movies.

Sharing his opinion on YouTube, the inscription that accompanied Kafui Danku’s picture read, “Kafui Danku, Actress and filmmaker, Dressed like a ghetto superhero.”

He further expressed: “Kafui Danku was spotted on the gram wearing this look. Based on her name, I know she is one of my ewe sisters. (Switches to the Ewe language) My sister, how are you? This dress isn’t good at all. It is not good at all. (Switches back to English) This is the very time I am featuring Kafui Danku on my show and it looks like it is going to be the last if she keeps giving us looks like this. What is the strange thing around her waist? What is that?

“I don’t know where she is going but this is what she needs to do. She needs to go back inside and change this look. The curtains and Captain Planet look is bad. Her hairdo is nice, her makeup is soft but the outfit, I don’t know. I don’t know if I should blame the stylist, herself or wind, because none of this is working.”

She then asked the actress to take a break from the screens and address her ‘styling issues’.

“I know she is a filmmaker but she needs to stay off the scenes and fix these problems. This whole thing is wrong, and because of that we will be burning this look,” she added.


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