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It’s ‘a big lie’; northern girls do not use clay as menstrual pad – Wiyaala calls out NGO



Ms Sey, in a GTV interview on World Menstrual Hygiene Day, said: “It is important that we pay attention to good menstrual hygiene, knowing very well what some of the girls use when they are menstruating.

“For Inspire Today, over the period, the places we have been to, the girls use all manner of materials for menstruation: some use newspapers, some use clay. We went to the North, some of the girls use clay as a substitute for sanitary pad.”

Wiyaala, in a short rebuttal video, however, described the claim as false.

“It’s a big lie,” she exclaimed, addressing Ms Sey directly: “Our sister, please, what you are saying is a lie.”

She stressed in the video that “it’s a lie; it’s a big big lie,” adding: “I’m a northern girl; aabah, clay!”

“Our sister, I am not attacking you but I don’t know why you said that and what you are trying to achieve by telling this lie,” Wiyaala added.

She said: “I am not even going to ask you to prove it because it’s a lie, so, please stop it.”



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