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‘It was my first time having sex’ – Man jailed 12 years for defiling 10-year-old

Aaron Aban, currently serving a 12-year jail term at Kumasi Central Prison, has shared his account of the incident that led to his imprisonment.

Aaron, who was a pupil teacher, confessed that the act with a student, whom he suspects to be between 10 and 12 years old, was his first sexual experience.

In an interview with Crime Check Foundation, Aaron revealed, “I had never had sex before.”

He narrated the circumstances surrounding the incident, saying, “It occurred in a school where I was employed as a pupil teacher. I deeply regret what happened. I was teaching JHS 1 and 3. The seniors were preparing to write their final exams, so I stayed after school until 6 in the evening to teach them.

“I was engrossed in my own activities in the ICT lab when she came by. I asked her to go home, but she insisted that her house was nearby and she could leave at any time. She found what I was doing on the laptop interesting, and she started watching too.

“I believe she had no malicious intent. I would describe her as innocent. However, being alone together in the ICT lab triggered an idea in my mind, and I engaged in that act with her. However, I did not force her,” he added.

Aaron, who is currently pursuing his education in prison, expressed deep remorse for his action and acknowledged the negative impact it has had on his life.

“I feel immense sadness when I think about it because it has shattered my dreams of pursuing an education. I miss my home and family during festive seasons. In here, people subject you to all sort of things and you don’t even get the simple things you yearn for,” he tearfully shared.

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