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Isaac Dogboe’s father spills family secrets as he calls on son to pay huge debts



Paul Dogboe, the father and former trainer of Ghana’s former world champion, Isaac Dogboe, has disclosed some unknown things about his family and called on his son to settle huge debts he incurred during their time together.

Paul Dogboe revealed that he borrowed substantial sums of money to propel his son to world champion status within a remarkably short time.

During an interview on Dornu’s Corner, Paul Dogboe disclosed that he informed his son about the debts incurred after they parted ways and implored his son to pay those debts. Paul Dogboe claims that Dogboe agreed to settle those debts but to his dismay, he allegedly failed to honor his promise to repay these debts, leading Paul to face legal actions from creditors.

“One of the fights against Cesar Juarez, we had tickets that we obtained on credit for $40,000 from Islam, who usually provides us with complimentary tickets. I owed Jerere $5000, and I paid him. I settled with Patrick as well, so there were small debts that I managed to clear. The only outstanding petty debt is $6,000 owed to Cephas,” Paul Dogboe revealed.

Paul continued, recounting the conversation he had with his son when Isaac informed him that he no longer wanted him to manage his career. “I said, ‘Okay, I have given you my blessing, but remember there are debts.’ I sent him a text listing all the debts, and he called John Marfo, promising to settle them. So, how is it that he then approached Uncle Mitch for a $70,000 loan?”

Paul Dogboe expressed his disappointment, stating, “There was a time he said he would send me money, but I told him I didn’t need it; he should pay off the debts instead. He gave me a thumbs-up, so I thought my son was being responsible and clearing his debts.”

“Don’t mess it up son, you better go say sorry to uncle Mitch and these guys and go pay your debt because the lawsuit has come,”

A former British military officer, Paul revealed that he sometimes regrets leaving his well-paid job to devote himself to his son’s boxing career. He further revealed that individuals he had brought in to assist with his son’s training spread falsehoods and encouraged Isaac Dogboe to distance himself from his father.

“You are surrounded by people whom I introduced you to, yet they harbored ill intentions towards me while I had nothing but good intentions for you. I sacrificed my lucrative job to support you,” Paul expressed with a tinge of regret,” Paul expressed with a tinge of regret.

Paul Dogboe disclosed that his life had taken a downward spiral, resulting in the sale of his house in England following his divorce from Isaac’s mother. The proceeds, he says, were used to secure another property with a new mortgage.

“I sold my house recently because I divorced my wife, and we split the money, and I put the money in another mortgage,” he stated.

Though he continues to train his two other sons in England, Paul Dogboe admitted that he had lost passion for the sport after Isaac Dogboe severed ties with him.

He further stated that there are people in his village spewing lies that he committed infidelity.

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