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Irate XI Wonders fans allegedly vandalized shop of girlfriend of player who missed penalty against Boafoakwa



According to a statement by sports journalist, Atta Poku, some fans blamed Osman Zakaria for their loss and alleged that the player missed the penalty on purpose after taking money from officials of Bofoakwa Tano.

Atta Poku alleged that Osman Zakaria’s girlfriend’s shop at Techiman has been vandalized by some aggrieved football fans of the club.

Due to the severity of the issue and fear for his life, Atta Poku claimed that Osman Zakaria made a stop at Konongo to flee from football fans who were waiting to attack him.

Atta Poku stated, “Osman Zakaria stands accused by Eleven Wonders fans this morning. They allege he took money from officials of Bofoakwa Tano. His girlfriend’s shop in Techiman has been vandalised. Zakaria himself didn’t come to Techiman with the team, he made a stopover at Konongo.”

Osman Zakaria who is one of Eleven Wonders’ top players missed a crucial penalty which could have sealed qualification to the Ghana Premier League.

Although the player’s kick wasn’t the final kick that saw the team lose their ticket for qualification, some fans believed that his kick was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.



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