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I’m on my knees – Bugri Naabu begs for peace in Chereponi



The former Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu has called on feuding factions in Saboba and Chereponi to bury the hatchet and rather focus on developing their area.

Bugri Naabu, who said he left his sick bed to travel to the troubled community challenged both Konkombas and Chokosis to end the recurring conflict there.

The Konkombas and Chokosis renewed a longstanding clash that has claimed one life and left several villages burnt.
There has been one death and multiple arrests over recent clashes in the protracted conflict over land in the area.

Mr. Bugri Naabu was part of a high powered inter-party and inter-ethnic delegation taken to Chereponi by the Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul to speak to leaders of the community to ensure lasting peace.

In his appeal, Bugri Naabu said “since we were born, Chokosis and Konkombas have been together for almost 400 years… it is not fair to go about killing your nephews and uncles. It is very bad.”

The current MP for Chereponi is Konkomba. His mother is a Chokosi. The former MP for Chereponi is a Konkomba… I kneel down to appeal to them, that I don’t want to hear this again. They should forget. If they say things against each other, they should all forget it and join hands and develop the place.”

Mr. Nitiwul, who led the delegation to Chereponi on Friday urged the indigenes of the feuding community to see each other as brothers rather than enemies.

“In Chereponi District and Saboba District, today should be the last day we have heard there is any conflict… When you see a Chokosi man embrace him. Don’t shoot at him. When a Chokosi man sees a Konkomba man, you are brothers.”

Other members of the delegation to Chereponi included the former Northern Regional Minister under the NDC government, Moses Magbenba, current Northern Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed, North East Regional Minister, Solomon Boar, past and current Members of Parliament from the area as well as a host of senior military and police officers.

The delegation is scheduled to visit Saboba on Monday.



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