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I’m not a fool to build a house, I’m enjoying my money – Oboy Siki



During an interview, Oboy Siki expressed his contentment with renting an apartment and stated that he sees no need to invest in a house. He firmly believes that renting is sufficient for his lifestyle, and he intends to continue doing so until the end of his days. Building a house simply does not align with his personal aspirations and desires.

Oboy Siki further explained his perspective by stating that in the past, it was primarily cocoa farmers and merchants who were able to afford constructing houses. However, as he has never been involved in the cocoa sector, he feels no obligation to follow that traditional path. He asserts that anyone who chooses to insult or attack him on social media lacks common sense, as they fail to understand his unique viewpoint.

When discussing the legacy he will leave behind for his children, Oboy Siki emphasized that they should strive to acquire their own properties, just as their peers have done without relying on parental support. He believes that his children should be independent and work towards their own success, rather than depending on the accomplishments of their parents.

Recently, Oboy Siki garnered attention for his remarks about Agya Koo’s mansion. In an interview with GhPage media, he suggested that Agya Koo’s wealth and property were acquired through involvement in politics, as the Kumawood movie industry was no longer flourishing. This statement exemplifies Oboy Siki’s observation of individuals, including Agya Koo, resorting to politics as a means of sustaining themselves in the face of industry challenges.

In conclusion, Oboy Siki’s decision not to build a house stems from his personal preferences and priorities. He believes that investing his money in other ventures is more important than acquiring a property. While his perspective may differ from societal norms, he remains steadfast in his conviction and encourages his children to forge their own paths to success.



Source: Club Mate


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