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I will keep trolling you with coup until you get BP from looking over your shoulders – Barker-Vormwor to political class



According to the activist, the idea of a coup is the only thing he has come to realise that the 4th Republican Ghanaian politician is afraid of.

“When I threaten legal action: they laugh for they own the Courts.

“When I threaten demonstrations: they laugh for the own the Police.

“When I threaten revolution: they laugh for the people are disorganized.

“When I threaten coup: they arrest me. Why?

“Now that I have seen it’s the only thing you are afraid of, I will keep trolling you thieves, with coup, saa, till the people find their feet and revolt! Or till you get BP from looking over your shoulders,” he stated in a Twitter post.

Barker-Vormawor is accused of plotting to overthrow government and has been charged with treason felony.

He was arrested in February 2022 and charged based on a social media post which police investigators said: “contained a clear statement of intent with a possible will to execute a coup in his declaration of intent to subvert the constitution of the Republic”.

West Africa has experienced a number of coups in recent years, which has heightened fears of a contagion in the subregion.

However Ghana’s defense minister, Dominic Nitiwul has flatly rejected any fears of a military take over in Ghana stating that the Armed Forces unlike their counterparts in Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and recently Niger, were above coups and would rather defend the constitution instead of subvert it.

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