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‘I spend GHC700 on lotto every day’ – Man who has been forecasting since 1983



However, for 61-year-old Kofi Yeboah, success in the game of prediction requires not only luck but also effective planning.

“Lotto is a game of luck and plan,” he confidently stated.

For almost four decades, Mr. Yeboah has faithfully followed this belief, waking up every day to erect a signboard on the Accra-Abeka Junction Road.

The signboard displays carefully selected numbers that he believes will be winning combinations according to his “plan.”

He invites interested individuals to contact him for more information.

During an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwani of Kofi TV, the professional lotto forecaster revealed that he has gained a significant number of followers who pay him for his consultation services. He also disclosed that he spends an average of GHC700 per week on lottery tickets.

To date, his highest winnings from the lottery amount to GHC60,000.

Despite his daily involvement in lotto playing, Kofi Yeboah adamantly stated that he is not a lotto addict.

He acknowledged that lottery can be addictive and problematic for those who become hooked on the game.

“If you are into lottery, you need to make sure you have another job on the side,” he advised.

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